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One Step at a Time: Beating Esophageal Cancer

AHA Hamptons Heart Ball Honoring Leonard Girardi, M.D.

Dr. Karl H. Krieger – Physician of the Year 2012

New Aortic Stenosis Treatments of Valves in the Heart of the Big Apple 2012 – Arash Salemi MD

Cardiac Surgery

Pediatric cCngenital Heart Surgery - NewYork-Presbyterian

Heart Heroes - NewYork-Presbyterian

Heart Center for Elderly Patients

30,000th Heart Patient- Dr. O. Wayne Isom

Patient Story: Mother and Baby Survive Aortic Dissection

Partner Trial – New York Presbyterian

Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) – Dr. Arash Salemi

Innovative Valve – Sparing Surgical Procedure

Advice to potential aortic valve disease

History of the aortic valve procedure

Reasons to perform aortic valve sparing procedure

Advantages of Treatment for Aortic Valve Disease

Recovery from Aortic Valve Procedure

Thoracic Surgery

Biography - Dr. Nasser Khaled Altorki

Dr. Nasser Khaled Altorki - Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy for Achalasia

Lung Cancer Stage 1: Screenings, Treatment & Recover – Dr. Altorki and Sonett

Archive Videos

Delicate Surgery for a life-threatening heart condition

Pediatric Surgery

Healt Watch - Life and Legacy of Dr. Laragh

Healt Watch - Karl H. Krieger, M.D - Biography

LVAD: Advancements in Technology and Outcomes